My wife got herself a cat and I got the top 30cm of the guest room.
   Somebody gave me a small Märklin start set when I was a boy and by time it was extended with some more rails and an extra locomotive, but I never really got a proper model railway. Now, 40 years later, it must be! Originally, the idea was to suplement what I already had and bought a new Märklin start set with C-tracks and a mobile station. But eventually I couldn't really use much of the old material.
The railway is 2m70 x 1m28 and can be liftet up under the ceiling using a system of wheels and wires when the room has to be used for it's original purpose. The disadvantage is that I have to be careful about the weight and the hight, as it has to fit under the ceiling. I use almost exclusively flamingo to keep the weight low.

I don't follow any particular era or country and in my head a model railway must be able to circle. I'll maybe be more particular with my next railway!


Follow the building of the new Jørnebanen here

Jørnebanen is comming to life again in larger premises.
Se the first pictures of the new Jørnebanen here

Regards Jørgen